A Funge 93/98 interpreter written by Michael H. Riley
Rc/Funge-98 V1
Rc/Funge-98 V2


Welcome to the official home for the Rc/Funge-98 Funge interpreter. Rc/Funge-98 was one of the first Funge interpreters to implement the Funge-98 specification. The original Rc/Funge-98 was written in late 1998 and now over a decade later is still going strong. Rc/Funge-98 was a very innovative interpreter which paved the way for many Funge-98 interpreters that followed after it. Rc/Funge-98 was the first interpreter to support concurrent funge and was the first interpreter to implement a mechanism for Funge fingerprints to be writtin in Funge code and dynamicly loaded. Rc/Funge-98 implemented many fingerprint enhancements, many of which have been implemented by other Funge interpreters. Rc/Funge-98 even defined a fingerprint for programs that can time travel, although it would be years later before the TRDS module of Rc/Funge-98 worked correctly. Although RC/Funge-98 may not be the fastest, most efficient interpreter out there, it was most definitely a leader in expanding the ideas and capabilities that are found in most modern Funge implementations.

Latest News

April 16, 2010
  • I have posted 1.28 of the V1 interpreter. This version fixes the bugs found by the latest Mycology test suite.
  • I have posted 2.03.00 of the V2 interpreter. This version fixes the bugs found by the latest Mycology test suite


  • Funge-98 and Funge-93 modes
  • Supports Unefunge, Befunge, and Trefunge
  • Concurrent Funge, 't' command is implemented
  • 'i', 'o', and '=' commands implemented
  • Can map funge space to screen, with command tracing
  • Full command tracing with stack output
  • Fixed memory model for speed
  • Dynamic memory model for large dimensions
  • Mini-Funge for user definable A-Z functions
  • Integrated debugger
  • Full source code (in C) included
  • Passes original Cat's Eye diagnostic suite
  • Passes Mycology diagnostic suite


If you have any questions, comments, or general criticims, I may be contacted at:
   rcfunge98 <AT> hotmail <DOT> com